Turn your PC into a TV – How to Turn Your PC into a Television

Turn your PC into a TV by these simple steps

If you are tied to cash, the last thing you want to do is pay both a monthly cable and a high-speed Internet account. Now you do not need to choose between your link to the World Wide Web and your favorite TV series. With multiple devices, you can turn an old computer into a new TV. This will save you money and reduce unnecessary electronic waste. Read the instructions below and learn how to turn your PC into a TV.

What you need :

  • An old computer with at least 10 GB of free hard disk space and a fairly fast processor
  • TV tuner or USB tuner

Here is what to do to turn PC into a TV:

  • Set the TV signal. Physically install your equipment so that the computer displays the television signal. Several devices can do this. Which one you choose depends on how much you want to spend, and the quality of your PC. Choose between a TV tuner (with or without a video card, depending on the capabilities of your computer) and an external TV tuner. Only a professional should install the TV tuner card, but it provides a clear connection to television channels. The external unit of the TV tuner can be easily installed by connecting it to the USB port of your computer, but the connection is slower, which gives you an image with a lower resolution.
  • Install the TV tuner software Install the software supplied with the tuner to the computer. The software allows you to control channels and volume using the remote control. It can even allow you to record live TV shows on your computer’s hard drive. Insert the disc that came with your hardware, and follow the instructions to install the software correctly.
  • Now you are ready to watch TV channels on your computer screen. Now you will have legitimate access to TV shows that cannot be broadcast on the Internet.

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