How to enable dark mode in Windows 10, simply explained

Enable dark mode in Windows 10

Dark themes have become a highlight of this year with every operating system, browser and application try to offer its dark mode for its users. While Windows 10 has maintained the dark theme, the last update, Windows 10 in October 2018, finally start giving the dark mode in Explorer.
it’s easy to enable dark mode in Windows 10  after the update.

The mode was already available for settings, photos, and other universal Windows platform apps. However, File Explorer continued to open with a light theme that killed the purpose of the dark theme. If you’ve installed the latest version of Windows 10 1809 (users are advised to wait a few more weeks to avoid compatibility issues), you can get a system-wide experience in dark mode by following just a few simple steps.

Head to Settings then Personalization then Colors, scroll to the end and for Choose your default app mode, choose Dark.

Windows 10 dark mode

Dark mode turns Microsoft applications black, including File Explorer, Settings, and the App Store. However, this does not change the appearance of Microsoft Office applications or the Microsoft Edge browser.

For Office applications, click File, and then click Account. The Office theme is set to Color by default, but you can change it to Dark gray or Black.

For Edge, click the three-dot button in the upper-right corner and then click Settings. In the Settings panel, find Choose a theme and change it to Light but dark. You’ll find that the Edge theme only affects a number of tabs and the address bar at the top of the browser, and a bit more

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