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RAZER NARI ULTIMATE, a revolutionary step forward in immersion.



The Good

The Bad

  • THX Spatial Audio support
  • Cleaning earcups is difficult.
  • Short recharge time
  • For smaller heads, Auto-adjusting headband is a poor fit.
  • Customizable
  • No Xbox one wireless support.
  • Amazing HyperSense haptic technology.


Razer has ushered in a new era for gaming headsets with Nari Ultimate. Using intelligent haptic technology developed with the German engineering company Lofelt, Razer has opened up new horizons in creating the most exciting sensory experiences you have ever had the pleasure of getting.

The $200 wireless headset is a bit on the expensive side, and there are a few issues with it that would make you think twice about getting it at this price point, but the revolutionary HyperSense technology is almost enough to get you to throw caution into the wind and other handfuls of crumpled bills in the pockets of the sales assistant at your nearest retailer. In fact, if you have 20/20 vision and a big head, you should do just that.

Nari Ultimate – Design

Razer Nari Ultimate.

The elegant design of the Razer Nari Ultimate includes a gunmetal frame floating above a flexible adjustable band. The automatic headband adjustment is designed to be” hassle-free fit, ” but if you have a small head, you will feel like someone has hung a saddle bag over your ears. While the headset is lightweight, the sizable cups might sag below your chin line and it might feel like they are resting against your head rather than cupping your ears. It also negatively affected the points channels-a feature to accommodate those of us who are not blessed with vision 20/20. Since the cups don’t have a perfect fit, the padding isn’t aligned properly and it’s not very comfortable to wear the headset for more than an hour with your glasses on.

This is not going to be a complaint¬†for everyone, but if your head is on the daintier side, it’s something to consider.

Swivel ear pads are made up of memory foam, cooling gel-filled cushions, and plush leatherette rims trimmed with heat-transfer fabric so you can sweat to your heart, though makeup wearers will struggle to keep the cups completely clean if there is any transfer of foundation.

Overall, Nari Ultimate is very pretty to look at, will be comfortable to wear for most, and you can even spice them up a bit thanks to the Razer Chroma support. Using Razer Synapse 3 software, you can choose between static, breathing and spectral cycling lighting effects so that anyone who looks at you while playing can enjoy a mini light show.

Nari Ultimate – Features


Outside of HyperSense technology and support for THX spatial audio, the Nari Ultimate has a number of attractive features, but they won’t appeal to everyone. Let’s just rip the band right now; there’s no Xbox one wireless support at the moment, and the game/chat feature only works with platforms that support wireless mode. On the positive side, it has wireless support for PC and PlayStation 4 as well as a game/chat drive so you can muffle your teammates as you see fit.

The headset has a mute button, a retractable boom arm microphone with little flexibility, which has a microphone mute indicator at the end, but the lack of microphone monitoring function is a bit frustrating.

The headphones contain 50mm drivers and include hidden indented eyewear channels, but they’re not as pronounced as the turtle beach alternative seen in the Stealth 300.

There is a wireless USB dongle that POPs out of the right earpiece with a hard push and you can insert it into your PS4 or PC to get started. There is also a 3.5 mm port and a wired USB connection that allows you to charge even when the headset is in use.

To adjust the RGB backlight on your headphones or the intensity of HyperSense, you can use the Razer Synapse 3 software package to adjust the lighting effects and enable/ disable haptic feedback or customize it to your liking. Your preferences will be saved and transferred to any device you later use the headset with. If you are connected to the device through a 3.5 mm Jack, you can simply turn the power off to turn off HyperSense.

All these elegant features will affect the battery life of the Razer Nari Ultimate. You can expect 24 hours when RGB and HyperSense are off and eight hours when both are on. On the other hand, it only takes four hours to charge the headset again.

Nari Ultimate – Performance


The outstanding feature that sets Razer Nari Ultimate apart from everything on the market right now is HYPERSENSE haptic technology. The L5 tactile drivers operate at a wide frequency range of 20Hz-200 Hz and use dynamic digital signal processing (DSP) to create an immersive, lifelike experience. Drivers act independently, so depending on the action in the game you will feel that the tactile feedback is adjustable, becoming weaker in one earpiece and stronger in the other, for example when you move around the environment and encounter various noisy things that inhabit the world you live in at the time.

In terms of sound, the Nari Ultimate offers great performance for gaming but is a bit lacking on the musical front if you listen without the haptics on. Playing Doom, Overwatch, and God of War, the voices were clear, and there was an amazing level of clarity, with creaking bridges, rustling wind, and crackling lights as noticeable as burning wreckage, demon battle-cries, and distant gunshots. Razer has made it clear that the headset was designed with immersion in mind in the first place, so it may not be ideal to give you an edge in competitive gaming.

The bass has certainly helped, along with HyperSense, giving a feeling of more robust sound than it actually is, and gives an extra dimension to your entertainment, making movie lovers and gamers the perfect audience. And if you’re in ASMR, boy howdy, you’re in for a treat. Pop them with ASMR Zeitgeist videos and you will be in Paradise.

Overall – Should you buy it?


While audiophiles can see the HyperSense technology haptic Razer Ultimate Nari as a gimmick, from the point of view of entertainment, it really changes the game. The bass is decent enough for games and movies, but when combined with HyperSense you’ll get an extra dimension that you won’t find anywhere else.

Aside from competitive games, clarity is perfect for the atmosphere of single-player games like Horizon Zero Dawn or God of War, and the addition of HyperSense makes a rich, deep, rumbling bass that you can really feel, and that’s the experience you pay for with a $ 200 price tag.

Razer also offers a $150 NARI, which coincides with the Ultimate Minus the haptic feedback feature, but without it, you could find a better alternative, like Razer’s Kraken tournament edition $100 with THX spatial audio support and adjustable bass. You can also pick up the Nari Essential for $ 99.99, though it has significantly fewer features than its siblings.

Ultimately, if you want to take your home entertainment to the next level and spend $ 200, the Razer Nari Ultimate is truly a transformative experience. From the powerful face-melting explosions to the distant, tickling rumble of an approaching car, the Razer Nari Ultimate immerses you in another world and you’ll never want to leave.

You can buy the Razer Nari Ultimate for £199 in the UK.

You can buy the Razer Nari Ultimate for $ 199 in the US.



Design - 8
Performance - 10
Features - 10



RAZER NARI ULTIMATE has to be one of the best gaming headsets. It does have some issues with the design for people with a small head. But overall its performance and features is a spot on and provides you with a mesmerizing gaming and movie experience.

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