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SteelSeries partnering with Xbox One to reveal the new Arctis 9X headphones

Sad news is Arctis 9X will be coming late to the market

Before Arctis 9X, Xbox One owners didn’t have many alternatives when it comes to wireless headphones. Until now, you either had to get one in all Turtle beach stealth headsets or get along with connecting wired headphones to your Xbox One controller. SteelSeries is now seeking to take a step forward with the $200 Arctis 9X, a new headset with its own Wi-fi guide for the Xbox One. Although this, of course, was a bit late during the life of the console for a custom accessory, SteelSeries at least represents something that many Xbox fans have been looking forward to.

Arctis 9X interfaces with your Xbox One, similar to a controller, press the wi-fi pairing button on the console and headset at the same time and look forward to attaching them. In my testing, it took five seconds. SteelSeries says that it worked with Microsoft at the same time as the Arctis 9X development to make sure that it got the full benefit of their proprietary wi-fi connection. (The Xbox One does not help Bluetooth headsets, so it doesn’t see many wireless headsets.

if you saw the SteelSeries Arctis 7, you saw 9X pretty much. It has an identical basic layout: plush cloth-masked headphones, a sturdy metal headband, and a ski goggle pendant for changing the fit. It appears and appears as part of the system and is no longer just a trick toy for gamers. The Arctis 9X uses identical 40mm speaker drivers because it is the Arctis 7, and it has a retractable microphone along with a physical mute button. Earlier, I was surprised to find dials in the headphones, one for balancing the mix between voice chat and the sound of relaxation, and the other for volume.

As you will count, the Arctis 9X also has a Bluetooth connection. Even higher, it will help you to mix this input along with the sound of the Xbox One, which will allow you to keep calling your smartphone or the communique of dissonance at the same time as listening to your gameplay nonetheless. And directions, you can use the Arctis 9X as a standalone Bluetooth headset, although it is fantastically cumbersome than a maximum of other wi-fi cans. It can also connect to a laptop with an Xbox wi-fi adapter for low latency games, or you can use Bluetooth if you don’t have one of them. sooner or later there will be three .5mm jack for connecting to another tool.

Arctis 9X was a great match at the same time as the last season’s Telltale the on foot dead. The ambient sounds of the zombie apocalypse were loud and clear, regardless of whether I was walking through the hordes of the undead, or just trying to sneak in with the help of some walkers. the dialogue sounded flawless, and the headset came to life at some stage in the musical interludes. For a few more optimistic attempts, I switched to Forza Horizon 4 along with several Spotify playlists. The thunderous roar of exclusive cars echoed in the non-violent English countryside while I blew out ordinary electronics.

Considering how much I was inspired by the experienced SteelSeries headsets, I predicted that the Arctis 9X would sound at the highest level from the very beginning. They did not disappoint. I usually relax with a HyperX Cloud Alpha, a boosted headset with large drivers, and the 9X sounded almost indistinguishable, with the exceptional advantage of wireless. There was a random connection hiccup, but this is what I revel in when I connect my headphones to the Xbox One controller. I would write it off more on the location of my console than on a problem with Arctis.

Given its $200, the Arctis 9X really does the best for the Xbox One die-hard experience. for PlayStation four or switch there may be no wi-fi help. And due to the fact that this has happened so long ago, there is a great danger that many potential buyers have already invested in a separate headset. however, this is your exceptional option if you are bored with juggling the cable between the headset and the Xbox controller. You can link the Arctis 9X on the Gamestop and Steelseries website, and it will go to Amazon and quality buy later.

You can buy Arctis 9x here: https://steelseries.com/gaming-headsets/arctis-9x



Design - 10
Perfomance - 9
Features - 8



Given its $200 price though, the Arctis 9X really only makes sense for Xbox One diehards. There's no wireless support for the PlayStation 4 or Switch. And since it's coming so late, there's a good chance many potential buyers have already invested in a separate headset. Still, it's your best option if you're tired of juggling a cable between your headset and Xbox controller.

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