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Cheap TCL earphones sound better than most of the mid range earphones

They sound absolutely terrific, easy to wear and reliable.

The TCL earphones SOCL 300, costing $ 15.00, comes in a tiny cardboard box that can be taken as a pack of pills. They’re so damn disposable that TCL actually handed them out to the participants of its main CES report. My colleague Chris Mathews brought a couple from the event and asked me to listen to them without specifying why. I dutifully did that, and then we both struggled to figure out how TCL managed to squeeze so much sound performance into such a tight budget. Seriously, these headphones sound at least 10 times better than their price, and the basic character will make you believe it.



  • Outstanding sound balance
  • No strain relief at the top of the wire
  • Tiny and cheap enough to put it anywhere
  • Not many headphone jacks left to plug into
  • Easy fit and comfortable
  • No case provided



TCL earphones
SOCL 300

The secret of TCL earphones success with these headphones is the correct selection of tonal balance. The different elements of any track fit together perfectly, and thanks to a warm setting that prefers bass Рjust like me Рthese headphones make the basic process of enjoying music extremely simple. Bass is the hardest thing for tiny headphones to play properly, so most companies range in one of two ways, giving you either too strong or malnourished lows. TCL earphones drop the expertly priced amount of bass, and it even adds a respectable bit of sub bass to the mix.

Black TCL earphones
Budget TCL earphones

In addition the unreasonably high performance at a price, TCL SOCL300s are also easy to install. They glow with a feather, cling to the ear without causing any discomfort, and provide reasonable isolation and isolation from external noise.


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