You can enable Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger now

Facebook Messenger now allows it users to enable dark mode by just sending an emoji

Many Facebook Messenger users on Android are finding out that they can now enable Dark Mode in the Messenger app by just sending an emoji in their chat list. Facebook has been teasing the implementation of dark mode for some time, and it was one of the most wanted feature changes for the app. Dark mode has become more popular because people are rightly concerned about how the blue light from the screen affects their brains. Some people also say that the dark mode may be easier on the eyes.

Instead of making a full announcement and immediately deploying this feature, Facebook decided to hide the new feature in the app for users who sent the crescent smiley to one of their friends. As expected, the news quickly came out about an Easter egg, until it was reported to the media.

How to Enable Messenger Dark Mode:

If u want to enable it, then just go to one of your friend chat list and send this emoji to them:
Enable Dark Mode by sending this emoji
After doing that You will get a setting option pop-up in messenger on the top like this:
Enable Dark Mode Settings in Facebook Messenger
Enable Dark Mode in Settings
Tap the Turn On In SettingsĀ to activate Messenger Dark mode.

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