The Razer Ifrit headset has more to do with streaming than with gaming

A lightweight device that doesn't obscure your face as you stream-Razer Ifrit

The Razer Ifrit is a new headset from the gaming brand that casts out the standard in-ear headphones for a pair of headphones that it combines with a microphone which is arm-mounted. The result is a lighter device that shouldn’t hide your face when streaming – even if the condenser microphone is still pretty chunky.

Ifrit is natively compatible with Xbox One and PC via 3.5 mm Jack. If you want to use a headset with PS4, you will need to use the supplied Razer USB Audio Enhancer to connect to the spare USB port. This USB Converter can also be used with a PC, where it can be used to plug two headsets into one machine. Given Razer’s move that Ifrit is perfect for mobile broadcasting, it’s a shame not to see the USB Type-C adapter, especially considering how many phones (including the Razer phone) are casting out the analog headphone Jack.

Razer Ifrit is available worldwide now for $99.99 if you want to slim down your Twitch streaming setup. USB Audio Enhancer can be purchased separately for $ 19.99 if you want to convert a separate 3.5 mm headset to USB.

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