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Exclusive:This is new ‘iPhone XS’ design, larger version, and gold colors confirmed

The new iPhone XS leaks give us our first official photo of Apple’s iPhone for 2018, and it comes in two sizes if you’re hoping for the iPhone XS Plus this year. The famous 5.8-inch iPhone XS and 6.5-inch monster-sized iPhone XS Plus have been rumored for several months, but this compelling leak of 9to5Mac is the first time we see new phones with OLED screens.

This critical leak occurs less than two weeks before Apple is expected to announce its new smartphones at the Steve Jobs Theater on Wednesday, September 12.
In fact, we expect three new iPhone in 2018: the iPhone XS Plus, the iPhone XS and the “cheaper” 6.1-inch iPhone with an LCD screen. This last one can be called the “iPhone”.
Previously, rumors about the iPhone called these phones iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Plus and cheaper iPhone 9. This all will change if the new report is correct.

iPhone XS price

  • iPhone XS price estimate: $1,000 (£1,000, AU$1,579)
    Cheapest iPhone 2018 may cost $699 (£699, AU$1,079)
    iPhone XS Plus price estimate $1,199 (£1,199, AU$1,714)

The price of the iPhone XS can be $ 999 (£ 999, AU $ 1,579), inheriting the price for the iPhone X 64GB, while the iPhone XS Plus will undoubtedly be more expensive. Apple likes to maneuver for $ 100, so this could be the first iPhone, which costs 1,199 dollars (1,199, AU $ 1,714) or even more. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes up to $ 1,250 (£ 1,099 / AU $ 1,799 / AED 4,599) for the 512 GB version, so Apple can see it and think “why not?”.

It is rumored that not all models of the iPhone 2018 will ship in September – a cheaper LCD screen with a 6.1-inch iPhone can slip until October. The cost of this LCD iPhone might be worth the price of the iPhone 8, which earned $ 699. The United States ($ 699, $ 1,079).

iPhone XS release date

  • Friday, September 14 – iPhone XS pre-order
    Wednesday, September 12 – iPhone XS launch event date
    Friday, September 21 or 28–iPhone XS release date

The launch and release date for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus is likely to happen in September, and we have some features for you – finally.
Wednesday, September 12, when Apple intends to announce the iPhone XS at its “Special Event” for 2018, and they are going to stream this launch event live.

We’ll see for the first time (and time in hand) the phones in the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park in San Jose, California, and yes, it was there that the iPhone X was launched last year on the same date.
Start date of launch means that the actual release date of the iPhone XS is likely to be on Friday, September 21, or Friday, September 28. Apple usually launches new iPhone on Friday, 1-2 weeks after CEO Tim Cook presents everything on stage. We bet on September 21, if Apple has no problems with inventory.

Here’s another date: September 14th. That’s when, at midnight in your country, you can expect that the pre-orders of the iPhone XS will begin. We are predicting that the new size of the 6.5 inch iPhone XS Plus will become a big seller. In the US, pre-orders will begin at 3 am for an eastern explanation simply because Apple is launching pre-orders at midnight in the Pacific, its home time zone.

Keep in mind that the iPhone X released on Friday, November 3, 2017. This will cause some people, especially in the US, a problem when trying to update the annual plan. However, Apple and carriers can announce their decision on September 12 with the help of promotional iPhone sharing options. Next year you will not give up your desire to give them more money.

iPhone XS specs

  • Apple A12 chipset is likely to provide a speed boost
    Some models may see 4GB of RAM, others might stay at 3GB of RAM
    512GB of storage may be the new max size
    Analysts predict a 10% and 25% larger battery
    iPhone XS Plus could go from 3,300mAh to 3,400mAh
    Fast charger 

All three new iPhones might have a chip A12, a natural update on the A11 Bionic chip, which appeared in all three models of the iPhone last year. Notice the pattern?

Analyst Apple Ming-Chi Kuo said that the iPhone XI can support a faster data transfer speed with a data transfer rate and have a card slot with two SIM-cards and 4 GB of RAM. These lines of code found in the upcoming update of the iOS 12 software support this application for dual SIM, which means that iPhone users can finally benefit from two SIM cards in one phone.
Kuo also claimed that Apple will probably only use Intel’s modems for the 2018 models, and not split the order between Intel and Qualcomm.
We also had other hints of the power of the iPhone XI from the test, which shows an unnamed iPhone as having 4 GB of RAM and a 2.9 GHz six-core chipset.

Apple never details RAM in its phones, but we can also see an update from 3GB in last year’s iPhone to 4GB in the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus. Apple historically leaves one model behind, so we can expect 3 GB of RAM on the cheapest iPhone. We will not know this information until someone hits us by the release date.
Apple can add to existing internal storage sizes by giving us 64 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB option for the iPhoneXS. The cheaper 6.1-inch iPhone may miss this, with sizes of 64 GB and 256 GB.

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