Google Chrome bug letting hackers to have access to your private data

Chrome’s Blink web engine is the source of the bug that could reveal sensitive data - that's how you can fix it

This new bug on the google chrome is allowing hackers to have access to your personal data not just from social sites , but other sites as well. This personal data could be information as in gender , age and anything that might appear on your social media profile.

Imperva an IT security company , recently discovered this vulnerability in the Google Chrome web browser letting hackers to tunnel through your sensitive data . Hackers are using a process identical to the game called ’20 Questions’ , to steal information from your Facebook and other social profiles.

The attackers can snoop into your social such as Facebook using this bug which involves exploitation of Video/Audio HTML tags.

Ron Masas , who is a researcher at Imperva , explained in his blog

“When a user visits the bad-actor site, the site injects multiple hidden video or audio tags that request a number Facebook posts the attacker previously published and restricted using different techniques. The attacker can then analyze each request to indicate, for example, the user’s exact age, as it’s saved on Facebook, regardless of their privacy settings.”

Ron Masas also made this discovery

“The bug in question makes use of the Audio/Video HTML tags to generate requests to a target resource. By monitoring the progress events generated by these requests, it grants visibility into the requested resource’s actual size. As we found out, this information can then be used to “ask” a series of yes and no questions about the browser user, by abusing filtering functions available on social media platforms like Facebook.”

Tech giant released a patch to fix this bug in the latest version of Chrome 68 in July.

This is how to fix Google chrome bug on Pc :

Google chrome bug fix
Here the ix
  1. On your computer, open Google Chrome.
  2. At the top right corner click 3 dotted icon.Go to help and click on ‘About Google Chrome’ .
  3. Click Update Google Chrome. If you don’t see this button, then you already have the latest version.
    4.Click Relaunch.


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