Google maps speed limit feature-Google maps shows speed limit marker for some of its users in US

Is google maps testing a new feature of speed limit for future use?

Google Maps users saw a special feature in the app back in the year 2017. It was a little indicator of speed limit in the bottom left corner of the app. They tested this feature in San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro. It was a pretty good Google maps speed limit feature for the daily drivers to drive their vehicles more carefully and safely when driving using the google maps app. We all want to be safe when driving a vehicle, as we all know that over speeding could be fatal so this Google maps speed limit feature helped google maps users to know the speed limit of that specific road where they are driving their vehicle. However google maps degraded the accuracy of this speed indicator markers over the year, which made them less reliable after that.

Google maps speed limit feature in US.
Google maps showing speed limit feature in US



Good news is that Google maps now showing the same speed limit indicator for some of its users in New York City, Los Angeles, and Minnesota. You can see the marker show up in the bottom left corner while using turn-by-turn navigation. However we haven’t seen any google maps updates yet which makes it clear that this is a feature being rolled out via a server-side switch. Depending on your area, you might not be able to see this feature ever that can also be a possibility. It is very likely that high populated areas might have more reliable speed limit data. Do let us know in the comments if you’re seeing this speed limit marker in the google maps app in your area.


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