Facebook Messenger users can now delete their recent messages

Facebook Messenger users can now delete their recently sent messages in chat

Facebook Messenger finally has a feature that allows users to delete messages they’ve sent. Facebook has officially announced that the new feature is now available to users using the latest version of the app for iOS and Android. So if you send the wrong message to the wrong person or made a bad typo, you can now delete it in Facebook Messenger now. The feature works just like WhatsApp. You can delete a message for yourself or for everyone. You should be quick though, as this should be done within 10 minutes of sending the message.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg is known to be using this feature for a while now, as we first learned in April last year, after several sources noted that messages received from the CEO mysteriously disappeared. Facebook confirmed that Mark’s messages expired over time.

After people found out that Mark Zuckerberg (and other associates) can delete messages, but the average user could not have caused Facebook to provide preferential treatment of senior officials. On the same day, Facebook announced that in the next few months they’ll create a function called “unsend” for all users in Facebook Messenger.

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