Bluetooth will now become more accurate at finding your lost gadgets and objects

Bluetooth will become accurate down to the centimeter

The group behind the Bluetooth standard says it has developed a new feature that will allow companies to track items up to a centimeter. The group combines BT existing object-tracking technology with another technology, radio direction, to obtain accurate measurements. It may radically change the tracking technology, for example Tile’s solution for locating lost objects.

Right now, BT systems track elements by measuring their signal strength. Yes they aren’t that much accurate as they have a wide accuracy range of one to 10 meters. Now a special Bluetooth interest group adds the ability for gadgets to know exactly from which direction the signal is coming in, not just its distance, to make this measurement more accurate.

With this feature enabled, BT trackers can tell users where the item is up to a centimeter, the group says. It’s great for finding missing gadgets. It can also be used to improve tracking accuracy in areas where people use Bluetooth beacons for navigation. Generally, if you use Bluetooth tracking, it can be helpful, but for some it comes with a con because now every company can know exactly where one is.

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