Apple banned Infowars from the App Store

Apple permanently banned Infowars from their App Store

Just the day after Alex Jones was finally banned on Twitter, Apple banned Infowars from the App Store. The final straw for the Jones platform – is permanently kicked from the App Store, as well as constantly.

Apple confirmed the removal using Buzzfeed, referring to the recommendations of the App Store, which prohibit “insulting, insensitive content, overturning, propensity to disgust or exceptionally bad taste.” Searching for an application in the App Store right now only calls applications that are not related to Infowars.

Apple banned Infowars, NO MORE “INFOWARS” AT THE APP STORE

Snowball of Alex Jones social media, has been banned or removed from the largest social networks in the world. During the personal accounts of Alex Jones or proprietary accounts of Infowars were banned. On YouTube, Pinterest and Facebook, to name a few.

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