An ECG on your wrist

ECG enabled smartwatches, made possible by new regulations and innovations in hardware and software

Fitness trackers aren’t serious medical devices. An intense workout or loose band can mess with the sensors that read your pulse. But an electrocardiogram the kind doctors use to diagnose abnormalities before them because a stroke or heart attack requires a visit to a clinic, and people often fail to take the test in time.

ECG enabled smartwatches, made possible by new regulations and innovations in hardware and software, offer the convenience of a wearable device with something closer to the precision of a medical one. An Apple Watch compatible band from Silicon Valley startup Alive Cur that can detect atrial fibrillation, a frequent cause of blood clots and stroke, received clearance from the FDA in 2017. Last year, Apple released its own FDA-cleared ECG feature, embedded in the watch itself.

Regulatory approval and technological advances are making it easier for people to continuously monitor their hearts with wearable devices. The health-device company Wit lings also announced plans for an ECG-equipped watch shortly after. Current wearable still employ only a single sensor, whereas a real ECG has 12. And no wearable can yet detect a heart attack as it is happening.

But this might change soon. Last fall alive cur presented preliminary results to the American Heart Association on an app and two-­sensor system that can detect a certain type of heart attack.

The Move ECG is an analog watch that comes with fitness tracking features and an ECG (electrocardiogram) monitor. In addition to tracking steps, pace, sleep patterns, and workouts (on connecting to an external GPS), the watch will also track cycling trips and measure elevation (these last two features are new to this year’s lineup). The watch has a dedicated dial showing how much of your daily goal you have completed. More detailed information can be viewed in the Health Mate app, compatible with both Android and OS. With a battery life of 12 months and water resistance of up to 50 meters, this is a fairly low maintenance wearable. It’s currently under review with the FDA and CE and is expected to go on sale sometime in QA 2019 for $130.

If you strip away the ECG from the Move ECG and bump up battery life to 18 months, you get the withing move This 38 mm analog watch will track your activities and sleep via the Health Mate app. Like the Move ECG, it will track steps, sleep, and workouts. It’s available for reorder for $70, with shipments. There are five color options currently on sale, with plans to roll out a Automaker style customization watch later in the year.

This will help the cardiac patient a lot to notice their own heart condition and make them able to take care of themselves. Now when the patient are up to date with their medical condition they will easily contact their doctors and get precautions regarded to their health.


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