Will Floersheimer Biography

Will Floersheimer was born in New York City, the second of three children. However, before he turned one, his family moved to Greenwich, Connecticut, where they laid down roots. Will spent a happy childhood in the Greenwich area, the picture of the traditional suburban family. He has an older sister and a younger brother, and as children, the three of them were afforded every opportunity that their parents had to offer. Education was and continues to be a priority in the Floersheimer family, and his parents certainly invested in Will’s education. He attended the Brunswick School of Greenwich as soon as he was old enough to enroll, a well-renowned preparatory academy in the Greenwich area that provides its students with a legendary education.

Will wasted no time taking full advantage of everything that Brunswick School of Greenwich had to offer. From a young age, he was interested in playing sports of any kind. Will was an active kid and participated in every sport he was allowed to play. He was especially competitive in lacrosse and soccer, playing the latter at two different associations in the Greenwich area as well as at school.

Though sports dominated his attention, he still found time to excel academically at Brunswick School. Will earned high marks in all his classes and was well liked by teachers and the other boys. He especially excelled in languages, mastering Spanish and Italian by the time he graduated. He also excelled in philanthropic endeavors and charity work. He and some of his fellow students began the Blue Blazer Fund, a charity in which they sold their old, high-end blazers and donated the money to aid boys like them in the Middle East. During his time working for the Blue Blazer Fund, Will and the fellows in the group traveled to Israel to visit with the receivers of their funds and learn about the culture. Will Floersheimer also works with the Lord’s Place organization located in Southern Florida.  The organization works hard to combat homelessness. It is an empowering organization that supports a great cause near and dear to Will’s heart.

Will had his pick of colleges when it came time to move on from Brunswick School. After much care and deliberation, he landed at Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. This prestigious school, he knew, would help him follow his passion in finance to become a hedge fund manager after graduation. During his time at USC, Will pledged to a fraternity. It was in his fraternity that he continued his philanthropic work, giving back to his community and fundraising as much as he could.

Though the school was challenging, Will excelled academically and still found time to have fun. During the summers, he applied for lots of finance internships in the hopes that one would bring him back to his East Coast community. Though it wasn’t what he had planned, Will Floersheimer ended up with an internship at JP Morgan in San Francisco. This fortunate turn of events allowed him to transfer to JP Morgan in New York City after graduation.


After his move back to New York, Will Floersheimer became an asset manager at JP Morgan. He was incredibly skilled at managing multi-asset pension funds for public and private accounts, and he did this successfully for two years. His hard work paid off, as he was promoted to associate, where he received significantly more opportunity for his talents to shine.

As a people person, Will is well suited to meet with clients and give them market updates, as well as advising them on their financial situations and asset management. As the market changes, Will is an expert at giving accurate market updates to his clients. His Spanish and Italian have also come in handy during his time on Wall Street.

Despite his high-powered career in finance, Will continues to make leisure time a priority. He makes frequent trips from his home in New York to the West Coast, where he enjoys spending time with friends and family. He has also been spending more time in Florida with his family, enjoying the warm weather and the wintertime leisure activities available in the state. A true athlete, Will still finds ways to stay active when he isn’t working. Though he no longer plays lacrosse, he finds opportunities to play golf and do yoga to keep himself in shape. He even plays golf in country club tournaments in Florida and has made his way down to a 10 handicap. With his dedication to sports and his unyielding work ethic, his game will likely only improve. Will also still keeps up with USC football, remaining a loyal fan to the USC Trojans.

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